Hinweis Drucken

Maurizio Ferraris

Why Matter Matters

Symposium Speculations on Anonymous Materials
12:30FridericianumFriedrichsplatz 1834117 Kassel
Postmodern art is conceived as IMMATERIALITY and CONCEPTUALITY, but in fact it is mainly SPIRITUALITY (in the sense that it rejects matter, considering it irrelevant) and CONTRACTUALITY (in the sense that the concepts it uses are essentially of a legal nature: it is all about breaking the traditional rules of the contract between author and buyer).
New realism is not intended to reassess art as mimesis, but to acknowledge the role of matter in art. It aims to do so in four respects:
DOCUMENTALITY: the contract is matter, in a constitutive form. A purely spiritual contractuality would be senseless;
RESISTANCE: art as matter has always opposed a resistance to pure conceptualism;
AFFORDANCE: matter is not only a limit, but primarily a resource for art;
EMERGENCE: art does not necessarily go from the subject to the world, but also (and this is his miraculous side) from the world to the subject, as suggested by Kant and as the romantics have forgotten.