Hinweis Drucken

Robin Mackay

Matter, Materials, Immaterials

Symposium Speculations on Anonymous Materials
16:00FridericianumFriedrichsplatz 1834117 Kassel
Matter, Material, Immaterials: art-philosophy-curating 30 years after Lyotard

Lyotard's sprawling, complex, groundbreaking yet underappreciated 1985 Pompidou show "Les Immateriaux" not only expressed an enduring will to comprehend and to present materiality, but was also a seminal moment in the interpenetration of contemporary art, philosophy, and curatorial practice. With the unstoppable ascendency of this nexus, and with the passing of the years, the notion of materiality seems to have become less problematic as the craving for it becomes more acute. How does contemporary 'speculative materialism' and its curatorial appropriation stand up to Lyotard's plural, multifaceted notion of 'immaterials'?