Lecture Drucken

Nick Srnicek

Technology, Capital, Value

17:00-18:00Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 29 10178 Berlin
Recent discussions over post-capitalism have increasingly been framed in terms of technology, logistics, and infrastructure, with critics reproaching what they see as a naive techno-utopianism, and supporters arguing for technology's potential to change the material possibilities of society. This talk will take on the critics' arguments, pointing out where they make valid qualifications of technology's potential. But it will ultimately conclude that the critics demonstrate a lack of imagination, and that any shift beyond capitalism will require repurposing the built environment of capitalism. The latter half of the talk will then make a number of concrete proposals for how this could be done: in terms of technologies of transition and technologies of collective self-determination. The former are the means through which society can extract itself from the wage relation without fostering an immediate increase in necessary labour. Such technologies should be the immediate focus of the global left today. The latter technologies, on the other hand, are the machinery through which complex societies make themselves representable and therefore capable of self-determination. These require careful calibration and construction, but are the only means by which a post-capitalist democracy can emerge without falling into small-scale communities or empty parliamentary politics.