Lecture Drucken

Elisabeth von Samsonow


15:00-16:00Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 29 10178 Berlin
Electra is embedded within the plane of schizosomatic activities, and it is from there that she draws her oracles. She is a schizosomatic prophet speaking out her own MATRIXIAL body as well the oracle of the body who has split herself off. This makes the whole difference according to the crucial question: in whose name, for whose sake does a philosopher speak, will Electra deliver her oracles, which basically asks the questions: what is it, really, that she has access to? The schizosomatic differs dramatically from the schizophrenic, among other things related, namely in the fact that the schizo is a mark of all produced bodies, all bodies that came into existence, show - either they come from schizoid cells that divide themselves on and on in a certain manner or they stem from a body that has split itself up delivering a double. It is not only the human game of reproduction that is addressed, but the universal schizo-game of the Earth that provides the bodies that are dispersed and individualized and yet also contained in strains of multiplied phylums - Simondon has written some enlightening passages on this. Schizophrenia, the schizo of phrene, is something really different: in the realm of phrene or noesis, schizoactivity is fatal. Schizoactivity, in this sphere blocks, withdraws and black outs knowledge, such that from one part of the schizo arrangement the others remain unconceivable, anaestetic, hypolatent. The noosphere, to ensure knowledge, must be regarded as unified, homogenous, continuous. If undergoing schize it suffers and perishes, crushes in amnesia and dementia. From the point of view of the Accelerationist diagnosis, the schizosomatic position transgresses, and dissolves in high speed internoesis, the problem of how to diagnose or recognize properly. Electra's schizosomatic voice cracks the code or ban of capitalist's pervasive success based on schizophrenic operations, i.e. softly induced black outs and schizotechnically overwritten drives.