Lecture Drucken

Benjamin Noys

Days of Phuture Past: Accelerationism in the Present Moment

14:00-15:00Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 29 10178 Berlin
The claim of accelerationism is to a dynamism that can break the stasis of the present. In classical accelerationism - the work of Nick Land - this dynamism was located in the fettered forces of capitalist deterritorialization, which had been unlocked and realized in a virtual future. In the retooled forms of contemporary accelerationism dynamism is located in the epistemological possibilities of rational inhumanism, Promethean politics of maximal mastery, and sociotechnological hegemony. I dispute that this accelerationism can truly grasp the present moment. Poised between images of past encrypted dynamisms and future realized dynamisms the present moment is missing. This occlusion detaches claims of epistemic acceleration from any referent. Contemporary accelerationism cannot grasp the political and technical compositions of capital, including how the so-called "forces of production" are bound-up with "relations of production" and so "moulded" by capitalism (Panzieri). While true to a certain Marx, the resulting exaltation of a metaphysics of forces (political, economic, aesthetic, and epistemic) is nothing but an exultation without an existent object.