Book Presentation Drucken

David Joselit

After Art

Book Presentation with Armen Avanessian, Philipp Ekardt, Isabelle Graw, David Joselit
20:30Pro qmAlmstadtstr. 48-5010119 Berlin
David Joselit's new book 'After Art' offers an analysis of our present as a moment of intensified interconnectivity and image-traffic. While informational, social and economic networks grow in size and density, images circulate through them and behave like a kind of currency. Joselit makes the case that artistic practice needs to change accordingly, and he suggests that this involves questioning a set of pieties that rule the production and criticism of art. Instead of clinging to concepts such as 'the medium' or 'postmediality', thinking of artworks as 'objects', and continuing to play the games of institutional critique, he argues that art should capitalize on its new power of projecting visibility to a heretofore unknown degree. Once works and images embrace this condition after art, Joselit suggests, they can travel fast and far, and have the potential for becoming sites for the emergence of new aesthetic, social and political circuits.