Workshop Drucken

Howard Caygill

Immanent Critique in Walter Benjamin

14:00Haus der Kulturen der WeltJohn-Foster-Dulles-Allee 1010557 Berlin
The starting point of the workshop series is the current interest in speculative thought. The workshops aim at putting the concept of speculation in perspective by determining its relation to literature. What does speculative thought mean, what does speculation as such mean? We suspect that speculation is to be defined less by specific objects or contents of thought but to be determined as a procedure. What do speculative procedures in philosophy and literary writing look like? The experimental setup of the workshops seeks to test two hypotheses: on the one hand, the concept of speculation enables to reconsider both convergences and divergences of literature and philosophy; on the other, the concept of speculation can itself be determined more rigorously by way of the poietic procedures of be announced