Workshop NYU Drucken

Speculative Worlds

11:00-16:00New York University, Great Room19 University Place10003 New York City
A workshop with Speculative Poetics, in collaboration with Poetics and Theory

Armen Avanessian, Anke Hennig, Jacques Lezra (New York University), Paul North (Yale) and Suhail Malik (London).

In the workshop we intend to discover intersections, homologies, and contrasts among current tendencies in the philosophies of speculative materialism and of literature. We are concerned mainly with a detection of the speculative potentials of language and literature. How can speculative metaphysical models based on realist and materialist conceptions of thinking help us? At the same time, the question arises as to a renewal of literary theory with emphasis on poetics.

According to our theses: "The linguistic practice of speculative materialism demands a poetic foundation. In this regard, we will use language ontology within the framework of linguistics and philosophy to propose an ontological revision of the mythical correlation between language and the creation of the world: language changes our world."

How does fictional language change the interrelationship between representation and reality, epistemology and ontology? We are especially interested in the "problemscapes" of thought experiments as can be found in the worlds of fiction. Closely related to the question of experimental spaces in fiction is that of time. How should the accessibility of the future be conceived and how will its presence be created in poetic texts?