Workshop NYU


Speculative Worlds

11:00-16:00New York University, Great Room19 University Place10003 New York City
Ausschnitt A workshop with Speculative Poetics, in collaboration with Poetics and Theory Armen Avanessian, Anke Hennig, Jacques Lezra (New York University), Paul North (Yale) and Suhail Malik (London). In the workshop we intend to discover intersections, homologies, and contrasts among current tendencies in the philosophies of speculative materialism and of literature. We are concerned mainly with a detection of the speculative potentials of language and literature. How can speculative metaphysical... Mehr
Abstract I   Paul North (Yale) |What Thinking Feels Like| One plausible origin for a speculative poetics is Hölderlin's almost inscrutable treatise in "poetic prose" on the experience of the poetic process, usually called by its first line, Wenn der Dichter einmal des Geistes mächtig ist... ("When the poet is finally in charge of his mind..."). The treatise, written in 1800 at the threshold of the new century, performs a poetic speculation on the possible relationship between poetry and speculation.... Mehr
Abstract II Suhail Malik (London) |Not Only A God Can Save Us Now| |Meillassoux's deconstruction of rational finitude and the politics of philosophy| Correlationism for Meillassoux designates rational thought predicted on its finitude as the absolute condition for what can be thought, requiring a revocation of knowledge of the absolute that is taken up instead by irrational beliefs. The sociopolitical consequence of this rational legitimation of faith in general is the prevalence of religiosity in... Mehr