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18:30Münchner Kammerspiele, Kammer 3Hildegardstr. 180539 München
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Produktivität und Produktionsweisen der Philosophie

Die Zeitschrift Cogito im Gespräch mit Armen Avanessian
20:00Buchhandlung Lost WeekendSchellingstraße 380539 München
Ausschnitt , ein Gespräch mit Armen Avanessianpasst das (wenn ihr die Produktion drinnenhabenwollt)? Am 23.03.2017 um 19:13 schrieb Matteo Zicchetti <>:Lieber Armen,hier die Infos: Die Veranstaltung ist am Montag, 24.04.2017 im Lost Weekend (), München. Einlass ist um 19.30 Uhr und Beginn um 20.00 Uhr. Mehr

Overwrite – Alteracademic Theory and Writing

Armen Avanessian, Christian Kobald et. al.
20:00Spike BerlinRosa-Luxemburg-Str. 4510178 Berlin


Booklaunch mit Gästen
19:00Buchhandlung Walter König an der MuseumsinselBurgstraße 2710782 Berlin

Kultur der Digitalität

Buchpräsentation und Diskussion mit Felix Stalder, Inke Arns und Carolin Wiedemann, moderiert von Armen Avanessian
20:00Spike BerlinRosa-Luxemburg-Str. 4510178 Berlin
Ausschnitt n, in Kooperation mit Spike ArtQuarterlyOrt: Spike Berlin, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 45, 10178 BerlinZeit: 20.00 Uhr Mehr

Robert Misik: Kaputtalismus

Buchpräsentation und Gespräch mit Armen Avanessian
19:00Volksbühne Berlin, Roter SalonLinienstraße 22710178 Berlin

The Speculative Contemporary

A conversation between Armen Avanessian and Suhail Malik
20:30Spike BerlinRosa-Luxemburg-Str. 4510178 Berlin

Suhail Malik and Anke – Present Tense. A Poetics

18:00Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London, Room C2021 Granary Square, King's CrossN1C 4 London

Realism - Materialism - Art (book launch)

with Suhail Malik and Armen Avanessian
20:00Spike BerlinRosa-Luxemburg-Str. 4510178 Berlin
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Zur Lage der Universität.

Mit Armen Avanessian, Remigius Bunia und Hanna Engelmeier. Moderation: Christian Demand.
19:00Grüner Salon, VolksbühneRosa-Luxemburg-Platz10178 Berlin

Elie Ayache: Speculation – Contingency - Derivatives: lecture and conversation with Armen Avanessian

merve@schinkel (book launch: Making of Finance)
19:00Schinkel PavillonOberwallstraße 110117 Berlin

Elie Ayache – Contingency, Derivatives, Speculation

merve@schninkel (book presentation: Making of Finance)
19:00Schinkel PavillonOberwallstraße 110117 Berlin

Diagnosis: Crimea – Irina Nakhova and Wladimir Velminski

merve@schinkel (book presentation Diagnose: Krim)
19:00Schinkel PavillonOberwallstraße 110117 Berlin

Xenofeminism: launch of the manifesto with Katrina Burch,Helen Hester&Patricia Reed

merve@schinkel (book launch Dea ex machina) moderated by Armen Avanessian
19:00Schinkel PavillonOberwallstraße 110117 Berlin


Buchvorstellung mit Armen Avanessian, Robin Mackay, Patricia Reed und Alex Williams
20:30Pro qmAlmstadtstr. 48-5010119 Berlin
Ausschnitt And of course we suffer, we the capitalized, but this does not mean that we do not enjoy, nor that what you think you can offer us as a remedy - for what? - does not disgust us, even more. We abhor therapeutics and its vaseline, we prefer to burst under the quantitative excesses that you judge the most stupid.- Jean-François Lyotard, Libidinal EconomyWe believe the most important division in today's left is between those that hold to a folk politics of localism, direct action, and relentless... Mehr

Speculative Drawing

Buchvorstellung mit Armen Avanessian, Bernd Klöckener und Andreas Töpfer
19:00Buchhandlung Walter König an der MuseumsinselBurgstraße 2710782 Berlin

Speculative Aesthetics and Philosophy

Book Presentation with Armen Avanessian, Tom Lamberty (Merve), Robin Mackay (Collapse), Rita Vitorelli (Spike Art Journal)
20:00Pro qmAlmstadtstr. 48-5010119 Berlin

David Joselit

After Art

Book Presentation with Armen Avanessian, Philipp Ekardt, Isabelle Graw, David Joselit
20:30Pro qmAlmstadtstr. 48-5010119 Berlin
Ausschnitt David Joselit's new book 'After Art' offers an analysis of our present as a moment of intensified interconnectivity and image-traffic. While informational, social and economic networks grow in size and density, images circulate through them and behave like a kind of currency. Joselit makes the case that artistic practice needs to change accordingly, and he suggests that this involves questioning a set of pieties that rule the production and criticism of art. Instead of clinging to concepts... Mehr
BiografieDavid Joselit is Carnegie Professor of History of Modern Art and Culture at Yale University and an editor of OCTOBER magazine. He is also the author of 'Feedback: Television Against Democracy' (MIT Press 2007)) and 'Infinite Regress: Marcel Duchamp, 1910-1941' (MIT Press/OCTOBER Books 1998). He has edited special issues of OCTOBER on television and digital art.Isabelle Graw is professor for the history and theory of art at the Hochschule für bildende Künste - Städelschule in Frankfurt am...Mehr