Seminar NYU Drucken

Speculative Poetics

in New York
16:00New York University, Great Room19 University Place10003 New York City
A seminar with Speculative Poetics hosted by Poetics and Theory: Armen Avanessian and Anke Hennig (Freie Universität Berlin)

Literature is neither solely style nor sign; rather, it is knowledge of the world. Thus, poetics can be speculative when its philosophical reflections consider the poietic function of language. Language and literature are part of the world and contribute in turn to our understanding of it. The relationships between objects do not differ from those between cognitive subjects and their respective objects. Literary thought means therefore situating natural language, literary artifacts, and poetic thought on a single plane.

Readings: Ten theses on speculative poetics and Howard Caygill, Walter Benjamin: The colour of experience (selections). Please email Liza Blake ( or Charles Gelman ( for an electronic copy of reading.