With a foreword by Armen Avanessian and Eckardt Lindner
(German Translation from English)
Iain Hamilton Grant
Eckardt Lindner (Übersetzer)
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„Science is what knowledge creates (die Wissenschaft ist das was das Wissen schafft)", wrote the Naturphilosoph Johann Wilhelm Ritter in 1806. For naturephilosophy, as opposed to contemporary philosophical naturalism, which reduces science to a resource for warrantable epistemogenic models, science is a productive art, a plastic articulation of what was not known that, insofar as it is generated, is itself the product of the same natural powers it analyzes. Locating the modernist demand for a „synthetic" or „genetic" philosophy as core to Schelling's, Deleuze's and Malevich's naturephilosophies, and exemplifying it in chemistry, physics, cosmology and geology, Iain Grant's essays here outline the philosophical futurism consequent upon a nature that is inflationary just when the knowing of it is a local feature of the nature that produces it.
Released März 2018 • ISBN 0582573692878 • 0,00 €