Irony and the Logic of Modernity

Armen Avanessian
Abstract Drucken
Around 1800, irony emerges as a figure of thought and of reflection that is far more than a rhetorical trope or a mode of constituting meaning in narratives (and particularly in novels). First taking shape in the writings of Early Romanticism, and of Friedrich Schlegel in particular, this modern irony constitutes a specific logic that goes on to pervade all realms of life. Indeed, it is the signature par excellence of modernity.
This new logic can only be grasped by means of a rhetorology of the kind that Irony and the Logic of Modernity develops. The book traces the genesis of rhetorological irony and lays out how modern irony has permeated the field of ethics just as it has permeated the fields of literature or politics. Within modernity, every attempt at mastering irony - no matter whether such an attempt is made by its proponents or detractors - is subject to the laws of irony.
Released September 2015 • ISBN 76543212 • 0,00 €