Genealogies of Speculation I

Materialism and Subjectivity since Structuralism
Armen Avanessian (Hrsg.)
Suhail Malik (Hrsg.)
Content Drucken
Armen Avanessian und Suhail Malik: "Introduction"
Steven Shaviro: T.B.A.
Claire Colebrook: "New Materialist Poetics"
Suhail Malik: "Absolute Reason, Absolute Deconstruction"
Arne de Boever: "The Realist Novel and the Great Outdoors"
Armen Avanessian: "Linguistic Ontology"
Quentin Meillassoux: "Iteration, Reiteration, Repetition: A Speculative Analysis of the Meaningless Sign"
Amanda Beech und Robin Mackay: "Althusser's Scientific Method"
Adrian Johnston: "Lacan's Material Negativity"
Myra Hird: "Feminist Materialism and Bacterial Liveliness"