Genealogies of Speculation I

Materialism and Subjectivity since Structuralism
Armen Avanessian (Hrsg.)
Suhail Malik (Hrsg.)
Abstract Drucken
By claiming that there can indeed be knowledge of a mind-independent reality or
absolute, the 'speculative turn' is frequently portrayed as an overcoming or
surpassing of the traps and limitations of post-structuralism and analytical
philosophy in their respective 'linguistic turns' or methodological reliance on one
version or another of an experiencing subject. Such speculative claims are just as
frequently attacked in the robust defences of post-structuralist or
conceptual-linguistic paradigms and rebuttals of new realisms as incoherent and
anti-subjective, if not as regressions from the theoretical and political advances
made in the past forty years.

Genealogies of Speculation looks to unlock these historically simplifying and
politically-intellectually stultifying deadlocks by explictly identifiying the
continuities and debts between recent speculative thought and the twentieth century
anti-foundationalist philosophy it commonly pitches itself against. Drawing
attention to precursors in methodology, results, concepts, and applications of
speculative philosophy in the very field of thought and conceptual development it
loudly claims to leave behind, Genealogies of Speculation challenges the currently
emerging paradigms of philosophical history, conceptual innovation, and the
theoretical resources and routes available to researchers now and in the future.
Released März 2016 • ISBN 7654327 • 0,00 €