Ethics of Knowledge - Poetics of Existence

(English Translation from German)
Armen Avanessian
Nils F. Schott (Übersetzer)
Abstract Drucken
This book starts from the hypothesis that the university should be the site where creative labor and individual freedom make autonomous research possible. As Lacan already knew, however, the discourse of the university de facto gives free rein to hatred. And among academics, overpowered by a generalized pressure to be innovative and ashamed of their perennial insufficiency, depression is rampant. This is true generally for an expanded academia (the logic of academia having infiltrated numerous fields) whose always-critical crisis discourse panders to contemporary capitalism's aesthetic spirit.
Against this general aestheticization, which since 1800 has actively been spread from the universities all across society--in the permanent absurd demand for criticality and authenticity in theses and papers written exclusively to advance one's career--this pamphlet mobilizes a poetics of existence. At stake is the production of a knowledge that implies the ethical auto-formation of a subject unwilling to surrender its speculative desire for truth. When we, as poetic (or poietic, pro-ductive) subjects, produce truth, we are not neurotically anxious in the face of a higher law. Nor do we depressively suffer from an inability. In general the development of a truth does not fail because of intellectual deficits. It touches on the ethical dimension of knowledge. It begins with a new and necessarily conflictual way of artistic or philosophical production and leads to the creation of an ethical position that gives us the courage to resist the pressure of the present.
Released September 2015 • ISBN 7654321 • 0,00 €