Abyssus Intellectualis. Speculative Horror

Armen Avanessian (Hrsg.)
Björn Quiring (Hrsg.)
Andreas Töpfer (Illustrator)
Abstract Drucken
Horror fiction and philosophy have always shared numerous fields of
interest. Their central common feature is the thought experiment in
which common assumptions of everyday life are questioned and represented
as suspended. Both toy with the idea that this life might be a dream or
hallucination, both question if death and postmortem existence can
become an object of experience. Both speculate on a possible end of the
cosmos, and on the question what implications it has for our thought and
our imagination. And both deal with formless life and the life of
apparently dead things (e. g. the image, writing, and anorganic objects
generally). For a while now, strands of theory and literature apparently
have thus been moving toward each other resp. toward a common borderland
which one might call 'speculative horror'. Especially the so-called
school of Speculative Realism has shown an affinity to phantastic
literature, first and foremost to Lovecraft and Ligotti. The anthology
assembles theoretical and literary texts which are particularly relevant
in this context, sharing an active imagination that seems to work toward
a negative cosmology.
Released September 2013 • ISBN 12347782 • 25,00 €