Armen Avanessian
Mahan Moalemi
Abstract Drucken
Ethnofuturism is not so much an invention, a neologism, than a heretical remake, or simply an upcycled terminology. It arrives back at the question why there have been certain manifest thoughts of the future developed with regard to regional, ethnic, or racial

The notion of a black secret technology allows Afrofuturism to reach a point of speculative acceleration  Blaccelerationism proposes that accelerationism always already exists in the territory of blackness, whether it knows it or not

leads and declarations, while certain others never dipped their toes in such venture, whether art-historically or as a feature of the science-fiction genre, in any of their own cultural productions. And, ultimately, the question concerning how these respective

 Shanghai futurism ultimately depends on breaking free from the now common assumption about the nature of time  The unfolding story of Gulf Futurism is a strange mitosis happening out of the sight of the master planners and architects: it’s the splitting of worlds: of then and later, us and them, real and unreal

categories, and the power structures founded upon them, will and do already undergo the pull of the future. This is to see whether such questions can be asked at all, whether it is possible to ask, How does the future come to meet us all halfway?

 Sinofuturism is a darkside cartography of the turbulent rise of East Asia; It connects seemingly heterogeneous elements onto the topology of planetary capitalism  The Dubai-ification of the world is already a thing of the present and the recent past, and has completed its ideological mission at lighting speed
Released Juni 2018 • ISBN 12345997 • 20,00 €