The Present Tense Novel

Armen Avanessian (Hrsg.)
Anke Hennig (Hrsg.)
Abstract Drucken
In the twentieth-century, we learn from the contributions collected in this volume, the use present tense in the novel becomes increasingly significant. At the same time, the first texts written mainly in the present tense begin to be published; factographies and the inner monolog constitute the first literary forms that make the present tense their fundamental and programmatic tense. The present volume considers questions about the achievements of the present tense as such and about the development of an independent genre in the course of the twentieth century. Why, for what reason, and in what forms does the present tense novel emerge? The approach to these questions is necessarily complex, although theory, history, and phenomenology may be considered its main characteristics.
Released Juni 2013 • ISBN 1234782 • 89,95 €