A Speculative Ontology of Language, Thinking, and the Brain
(English translation from German)
Armen Avanessian
Anke Hennig
Nils F. Schott (Übersetzer)
Abstract Drucken
"Now I see things in a new light." At some point we have all experienced how reading a book changes us in a fundamental way. We have all experienced the feelings voiced in this quotation, and heard similar thoughts from others: "I was never the same after reading ...," or, "It was only then that I realized ...."

Metanoia refers to a kind of new "sight" or view. To see the world in a new light means accepting that thought has been irrevocably transformed. Metanoia plays a part in and creates the existential foundation of every thought. But how can we describe this intellectual transformation?

The text includes discussions from linguistics and literary theory, as well as theories of cognition relevant to an investigation of metanoia. Using analytic philosophy of language, we develop theses for language ontology and for a linguistic consciousness that underline the poetic moment of language, along with its ability to transform thought and shed light on the world.

Released Oktober 2013 • ISBN 1234777 • 20,00 €