Time and the Verb

(German translation from French)
with a foreword by Elisabeth Leiss and an epilogue by Armen Avanessian
Gustave Guillaume
Bernd Klöckener (Übersetzer)
Esther von der Osten (Übersetzer)
Abstract Drucken
Gustave Guillaume's work joins detailed descriptions of the grammatical structure of language with considerations of psycho-semantics and a look at major linguistic-philosophical questions. According to Guillaume, certain cognitive structures are created during language acquisition, which can later be used to interpret reality. Prior to the advent of spoken language and its use as a communicative tool, language had already created shared preconceptions. Language takes a self-reflective, innovative – even poetic – approach in developing these preconceptions. As a project dedicated to the grammar of poetry, Guillaume's work in linguistics calls for rediscovery.
Released November 2014 • ISBN 1223455 • 24,95 €