Materials from an Analytic Anthropology of Literature
(German translation from Russian)
Valerij Podoroga
Anja Schloßberger (Übersetzer)
Abstract Drucken
Valery Podoroga's writings on mimesis form the core of his work. In these texts, he investigates whether an analytic anthropological perspective can be successfully applied to works of art and literature. The first volume examines two writers belonging to the "other" nineteenth-century Russian literature to develop a theory for the "poetic ontology" of mimesis. In this text, Podoroga sheds light on the anthropological dimensions of Nikolai Gogol's Nature morte, and reflects on the dialogic dual logic in the work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, taking the Doppelgänger in an anthropological framework as the starting point for his investigations.
Released November 2014 • ISBN 1234566 • 24,95 €